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Yacht marina

In the heart of nature. In the heart of the city.

Get to know our marina!

Szczecin, ul. Przestrzenna 7 i 11

Interested? +48 601 984 897

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Yacht marina

In the heart of Szczecin –here, on the shore of the picturesque Dąbie Lake,an exceptional marina has flourished. Get to knowthe place where you can both pursue your passions and rest.

Marina Club is located by the Dąbie Małe Lake. The modern complex consists of aship-owner part and a technical part.Our guests can revel in thecosy rooms, breathtaking naturallandscapes and refined cuisine.

Our marina allures the quests withbeautiful viewsand encourages them to enjoy active recreation –it is a place whereyou can feel free!

The marina canhold 130 yachts with amaximum draught of 3.5 m and is equipped with a derrick boom with amaximum working loadof 1 t, a fillingstation and sanitary facilities.

The available hangar allows crafts to be moored allyear-round while ourexperienced team offers top-tier maintenance services.

Our marina also houses the headquarters of YACHT CLUB POLSKI SZCZECIN. There is no better recommendation than that of an organisation which associates sailing enthusiasts! It is aclub with pre-war traditions for true sea dogs


The peace and safety of our guests is ensured by a 24h security


The marina is monitored –we keep an eye on every boat


The only marina with a comprehensive infrastructure in the area.


An area close tonaturewith thevitality of metropolis.

The weather at the marina

Wind Wind m/s

NATURA 2000 sites

Marina Club is located in close proximity to the Lower Oder Valley Landscape Park, which covers severalNatura 2000 sites–the “Lower Oder Valley”special protection area for birds orthe“Lower Oder”habitats.Here,you can see breathtaking fauna and flora, closely follow the lives of wetland birds, geese or cranes and take a breakfrom the hustle and bustle of the city.


The marina is located in the heart of Szczecin –you can quickly get here from both the leftbank andthe rightbank. There is no better location than this one –in the heart of natureandin the heart of the city!


Out of longing for beauty, freedom and closeness to nature
a unique project was born – Marina Developer
Do you value your own comfort, originality of investments, intimacy?
Bezpieczne osiedle

Safe settlement

Doskonała lokalizacja

Great location

Bliskość terenów zielonych

The proximity of green areas

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When it is time to rest we can ensure the safety of your yacht. Moor at our marina and enjoy your repose in nature’s splendour!


Should you wish to use other facilities and services provided by the Marina Club, you can consult the price list below.